Test Modules

PCI Membranes manufactures different devices to allow easy testing and comparison of different tubular membranes. These test modules need to be fitted to a pilot plant with suitable pumping capability and controls. Pilot plants are designed for pilot scale work but may be customised to meet small scale production requirements. Trials can either be carried out in PCI Membranes' laboratories or on-site by clients, with or without assistance.

MIC-RO 240

The MIC-RO 240 is designed for economic, short-term evaluation of membrane processes for separation and concentration at laboratory bench scale.

It is a small stainless steel tubular device, 30cm long, which accepts two 12.7mm diameter membrane tubes. The module is capable of operating at pressures of up to 55 bar at 70°C and can accept the full range of membranes available for the B1 module, allowing tests of RO, NF and UF processes with the same module. Membrane area is 0.024m2. Membranes are available in packs of 6 tubes for any membrane type.

Single Tube Tester

The Single Tube Tester is also designed for laboratory scale evaluation of Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis membrane processes and is particularly useful for side-by-side comparison of different membrane types. This allows rapid selection of the most suitable membrane for a particular application.

It consists of 6 perforated stainless steel tubes of 12.7mm internal diameter assembled into end headers on a tray which is divided into 6 channels such that the permeate from each of the six tubes is collected separately. The standard length is 1.2 metres, although other lengths are available, and membrane area when fitted with 6 tubes is 0.3m2. The tester is capable of operating at 64 bar at 80°C and accepts the full range of PCI Membranes available for the B1 module.

A5 Mini Tester

The A5 Mini Tester is designed for laboratory scale evaluation of Ultrafiltration membrane applications with moderate levels of suspended solids. It consists of 5 x 6mm diameter membrane tubes potted onto a 1" nominal bore plastic tube, with overall length 1.2 metres and membrane area of 0.1m2.

This test module is capable of operating at 10 bar at 50°C and is available in the standard range of tubular membranes available for the A5 module.

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