PCI helps Bertuzzi secure kiwi juice contract


PCI Membranes, a division of ITT Water & Wastewater, has recently helped Alberto Bertuzzi SpA, the specialist Italian food-processing company, beat stiff competition to win a kiwi juice contract at Jiaodo Quinmei, Xian Province, China.

Central to this achievement was the supply of PCI’s well-proven B1 modular membrane system for Bertuzzi’s reverse osmosis plant, in which pre-concentration of kiwi juice extract prior to evaporation is achieved. Constructed almost entirely of stainless steel, fear of blockage in the module’s tubular membranes is eliminated by their characteristic large-diameter channels that allow the processing of fluids with high level of suspended matter typical of kiwi juice without the need for extensive pre-filtration. The plant is designed for a feed capacity up to 5 m3/hour depending upon the final product specification; operation of the plant at optimum cross-flow velocities provides distinct advantages over more traditional methods of water removal by evaporation, sustaining a high filtration rate, reducing membrane fouling and leading to substantial energy savings. Furthermore, the ability to modulate operating temperatures between 35 and 50°C due to the choice of membranes utilised, enables treatment of the product at lower temperatures when necessary, avoiding heat degradation, enhancing the product’s taste and supporting Bertuzzi’s emphasis on final product quality improvement.

PCI’s B1 modular membrane system is ideal for membrane applications across the food and beverage industry where the cost-effective concentration of fluids and high product quality are required.


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