A19 / A37 Tubular Module

The A19 / A37 module can be used for a wide range of industrial applications in the process industry for the economic concentration and clarification of process liquids and wastewater, and is particularly suited to processing of liquids containing suspended solids.

The A19 / A37 module consists of a replaceable core of 19/37 tubes of 12.5mm diameter fitted into a stainless steel housing. Due to the larger diameter membrane tubes it is able to process to higher solids concentrations than the A5 module.

The modules use our specially developed PVDF Ultrafiltration membranes that are suited to a variety of different process conditions. Two different separations are available: 200k Daltons and 100k Daltons nominal cut-off, although actual performance depends also on the operating conditions.

The module operates with a maximum inlet pressure of 7 bar at temperatures up to 60°C.

The unique in-situ replaceable core enables fast, easy and cost-effective membrane replacement. To ensure system integrity, on-line permeate sampling from individual modules is available.

Applications include:

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